Learn all-new insights and determine different paths you can take to get past hurdles. 

In this video, Joshua will show you how to strategize, problem-solve, and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of producing high-quality paintings. 

This is over 16 hours of instruction that you can watch at your own pace and in your own home or studio.

Order your copy now on DVD, or digitally to view on your computer, tablet, or phone.



Look over Joshua’s shoulder as he guides you through the many levels of considerations and layers of paint in the making of this award winning portrait. 

Available digitally for download and streaming or as a physical DVD.

Painting a likeness can often be a daunting task but Joshua holds nothing back as he presents his clear and logical approach, providing crucial ideas and problem-solving tools that all skill levels will find helpful.

This video will center around the elements of form and how to achieve the illusion of three-dimensions. By better understanding the importance of form you will gain new insight into value, color, drawing and expression. 

Joshua demonstrates his indirect oil painting technique, which is distinct from the alla-prima, or wet-in-wet, method in that it is done in layers and can therefore achieve wonderful and subtle effects by the use of semi-transparent veils of paint. 

The 3 hours and 15 minutes of content will include: 

-The preparatory drawing in graphite
-Transfer of the drawing to canvas
-Layer One: Initial underpainting considering color theory
-Layer Two: Building up the form in the second day of painting - lighter lights and darker darks. 
-Layer Three: Finishing and polishing using glazes and scumbling.

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