Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, UK - 4-Day Portrait Drawing and Painting Workshop

July 9-12, 2018

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(all skill levels welcome)

Capturing a likeness is among the most elusive yet emotionally satisfying of artistic endeavors and a good drawing is undoubtedly the most critical component in achieving a good result.  In this 4 day workshop Joshua will walk students through the steps necessary to create a luminous, in-direct portrait painting from life, beginning with a drawing in graphite and white chalk.

Joshua's demonstration and critiques will center around the elements of form and how to understand and achieve the illusion of three-dimensions.  By better understanding the importance of form the student will gain new insight into value, structure, expression and indeed, color.

Each morning session will begin with a thorough portrait demonstration from the model including a dialogue of all key concepts, while the afternoon will focus on personal critiques.  We will progress each day, working on the same pose, through a clear method which you will be able to easily apply to your own work.  The first day will begin with the block-in, or line drawing, which will include a discussion of both two and three dimensional conception and problem-solving strategies.  With a solid start, we will begin an in-depth investigation of the portrait's forms and large value relationship, as well as the practical and conceptual techniques of modeling which can often be counter-intuitive.  The drawing will then be transferred to canvas.

On the second day we will begin the first of three layers of paint, one each day.  Joshua will be teaching the the indirect approach to oil painting which is distinct from the alla-prima, or wet-in-wet, method in that it is done in layers and can therefore achieve wonderful and subtle effects by the use of semi-transparent veils of paint.  The first layer consists of a thin neutralized underpainting to establish large value relationships. The second is a slightly thicker layer where the form is built up and more color context is added. And finally, a refining pass with a discussion of glazing and scumbling will be applied last.

Day 1: Block-in drawing – lighting, 2 dimensional vs 3 dimensional concepts.  Render drawing in graphite focusing on form and structure. Transfer to canvas.

Day 2: Underpainting – discuss various methods, intro to color space – hue/value/chroma

Day 3: Building up form – lighter lights, darker darks, with more color context. Anticipate final layer.

Day 4: Finishing - Polishing and refining by glazing and scumbling; consider edges.

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