Portrait Class Materials List:

(Note:  These materials are only recommendations based on what I use - whatever materials you already have and are most familiar with will most likely be suitable for our purposes.  Please ask if there are questions about the painting materials prior to purchasing.)



Please bring your own travel easel as one will not be provided for you.  I will be using the paint book by Edge Pro Gear.


Painting Materials:

  • Stretched canvas or panel, lightly toned, oil or lead primed, smooth linen (probably around 11x14 or slightly larger)

  • Oil paint: *Please note* Brand and quality are up to you - windsor newton, old holland, utrecht, gamblin...etc -  I prefer Michael Harding or Rublev but many of these paints can be expensive and are not absolutely necessary to learning.  Please ask the first day of class or contact me if there are questions.

    • Ivory Black

    • Van Dyke Brown (Gamblin)

    • Cobalt violet (optional)

    • Cobalt/Ultramarine Blue

    • Viridian

    • Titanium White/Lead white (either is fine, lately I use Rublev lead white #2)

    • CadmiumYellow (Or some high value, high chroma yellow equivalent; I like Rublev Lead-tin yellow and/or Michael Harding Aureolin)

    • Yellow Ochre

    • Raw Sienna or similar (Ive been enjoying MH Transparent Oxide Yellow)

    • Raw Umber

    • Cadmium Orange (optional)    

    • Cadmium Red or equivalent

    • Alizaron Crimson

    • Magenta (optional)

    • Venetian Red/Burnt Sienna/Indian Red

    • Burnt Umber

    • Transparent Oxide Brown (Michael Harding)

  • Brushes (have plenty in a variety of sizes. Some suitable for small detail. Pristine shape. - I've been using Rosemary & Co almost exclusively)

  • Palette - Wooden hand held, glass, or whatever you prefer

  • Metal palette knife any size

  • Mahl Stick

  • Paper towels

  • Orderless Mineral Spirits – I use Gamsol, please make sure it is oderless

  • Proper jar/vessel to contain Gamsol

  • Mediums: I use a variety and we will discuss the options in class.  In short, we use mediums to alter the transparency, drying time and handling properties of the paint. Here are some I frequently use: